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Something A Little Different To Entertain Your Residents

Entertain your residents with something a little different!

Do you own a residential home or maybe you are the events organiser for one? Well let us help you entertain your residents with this great service that’ll give your residents a fun and creative event to keep them occupied for hours.

Our amazing large “Home Painting Kits” are just what you need for many painting at the same time, so perfect for residential homes.

All you need is a suitable table area set up and just tell us approximately how many painters you will have and we will ensure you have enough pottery for everyone to join in.

This service includes:

  • Delivery of the kit and chosen pottery right to your door. 
  • The kit will include everything you will need for your residents to paint in the comfort of their own home including numerous colour charts to make it easier for everyone to see their colour choices. 
  • We will give you full written instructions so you can help your residents create their masterpieces. 
  • We’ll leave the kit with you for up to a week before collecting everything from you on an agreed date. 
  • We will then glaze and fire all your pottery and return it to you at your home for you to have your very own show-off day or maybe a competition for the best artist. 
  • We are happy for you to have pottery on a sale or return basis as we are aware you may get an extra painter on the day or maybe someone may have to drop out last minute… (minimum spend will be required) 
  • You can either choose one of our packages below or custom select items from our full pottery range here and have a custom package. 
  • All package costs include kit rental, glazing & firing and delivery and collections within a 10 mile radius of the studio.

Our Packages

Hanging Decorations Package

This package will include a selection of our Hanging Decorations that can be painted on both sides and will be returned with a matching ribbon ready to hang. 

Cost of this package is £8 per head with a minimum spend of £80 

Collectables Package

This package will include a selection of our Collectables, perfect for a little ornament for the window sill or bedside table. There’s sure to be something in the range for everyone’s liking. 

Cost of this package is £10 per head with a minimum spend of £100 

Mug or Plate Package

This package will include a selection of our basic shape mugs or salad size coupe plates. Perfect for everyone to have their very own self-painted mug or plate. All items can be used once returned so plenty of chances to show off their art work. 

Cost of this package is £16 per head with a minimum spend of £160 

Flower Pot Package

This package will include our Small Flower Pot with Tray. Perfect for everyone to have a lovely painted flower pot taking pride of place in their own room to grow their favourite plant. 

Cost of this package is £18 per head with a minimum spend of £180 

Custom Selection Package

This pack includes personally selected pottery from our complete range as per individually priced. Ideal for residents who would like to choose the piece they would like to paint. 

Cost of this package is £20 plus the cost of individual items chosen. A minimum pottery spend of £100 will be required for a custom kit. 

We recommend a quick photo of each resident with their masterpiece to make it easier to re-unite items with their correct artist once they are returned. 

A kit deposit of £50 is payable upon booking and will be returned to you upon return of a complete kit in good condition. 

Due to not knowing exactly how many pieces will get painted we will take payment of the minimum spend for your chosen package plus deposit upon booking with any remaining cost taken on return of your kit. 

Any broken pieces will get charged at half the “spend per head” cost for your chosen package but can be included in your minimum spend. 

Resident’s visitors can be included in your event at the “spend per head” cost for your chosen package.

Get started

To book this service please give us a call or use the booking form below and we will be in touch as soon as possible to confirm your booking.

If you would like to discuss this service further please give us a call.

Don’t delay, book today and give your lovely residents something fun and creative to look forward to… We guarantee they’ll want to do it again!

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